Iniciativa Social

Our social initiatives

At CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, we are committed to the sustainable development of every generation. For this reason, we invest time and resources to create programs that contribute to the accomplishment of this goal. The sustainability vision of the Company is one of comprehensive approach.

CSR programs and projects seek to remain in contact with the reality of the countries where we operate to understand the needs of the population, and thus develop initiatives to cover those needs.

The Corporation promotes specially initiatives that aim to break the vicious circle of poverty and which promote better life conditions for persons, generating development in the short, medium and long terms.

Through its different business units in two groups: CMI Food and CMI Capital, the Corporation contributes to its CSR objectives through the promotion of projects by means of the following efforts:

CMI Emprende (CMI Undertakes)

We wish to provide support to dreamers and workers wishing to create their own business. For this reason, through CMI Emprende we promote entrepreneurship, and the formal establishment of projects that build and enhance opportunities for entrepreneurs, such as Casa de Pollo Rey, Mer-K-dito Exprés, El Rincón del Pollo y Cedecap, the latter, dedicated to training persons interested in having their own baking businesses. In this way, individuals become owners of their own businesses and work in partnership with different CMI brands and products, thus creating development and prosperity.

CMI Educa (CMI Educates)

We provide opportunities for personal development, work hard to ensure an environment of respect that protects the community, starting with our fellow workers. However, we are not satisfied with doing this just at home. We seek life opportunities for youths, by providing them empowering tools and work opportunities with integrity. This is done through different programs, for example, college scholarships, food and study scholarships, school infrastructure improvement, day-care centers in communities, through partnerships with universities and training.

CMI Junto a ti (CMI Close to you)

Committed to improving our environment and reality by creating personal development opportunities for our fellow workers, as well as by supporting the communities where we operate, with water access programs, medical activities, reforestation and road-building, among others, to give back to society some of the opportunities that we have had, through focusing on proposing solutions to regional problems.