Corporación Multi Inversiones Earns Award For Its Successful Placement In the International Green Bond Market

Corporación Multi Inversiones Earns Award For Its Successful Placement In the International Green Bond Market

June 08 2022

Guatemala, June 8, 2022. CMI Energy, part of the CMI Capital Business Group of Corporación Multi Inversiones -CMI- received the Green Market Pioneer Award in 2021 in the seventh edition of the Climate Bonds Awards, for its commitment and innovation in the renewable energy financial industry. This international event, organized by the Climate Bonds Initiative, rewards leadership, best practices and innovation in green and sustainable finances.

Since 2016, the Climate Bonds Awards have honored 175 organizations that have shown leadership in financing low-carbon, climate-resilient projects in different countries and markets, based on 23 categories to evaluate participating businesses.

“This recognition fills us with satisfaction and allows us to reaffirm our commitment to continued growth and the creation of impactful investments that lead to the sustainable development of the countries and communities where we operate. Investing in renewable energy is, without a doubt, investing in integral sustainability. Therefore, it is essential to promote a reliable, affordable and decarbonized energy system to continue contributing to the social, economic and environmental growth of countries”, said Enrique Crespo, CEO of CMI Capital.

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Therefore, CMI Capital remains faithful to its purpose of creating impactful investment that promotes sustainable development in projects and businesses, seeking to grow together with its employees, clients, suppliers and neighboring communities.

CMI Energy: leader in the renewable energy industry 

CMI Energy owns and operates energy generation and marketing assets. It is the largest and most diversified private renewable energy generation company in Central America and the Caribbean. With the generation of more than 800MW, it operates in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic; with hydraulic, wind and solar technologies. 

In 2021, CMI Energy successfully placed US$700 million in green bonds in the international market and closed a US$300 million syndicated loan to refinance all its project financing debt. In this way, CMI made its strengths as a group of business excellence and continuous growth more robust, with knowledge and experience in business operations in the region. 

“The placement of US$700 million in green bonds was the largest to date by a renewable energy company in Central America and the Caribbean, marking the entry of CMI Energy into the international capital market with the largest and most diversified private markets, with a 100 percent renewable energy portfolio in the region,” assured Crespo.  

After the placement of green bonds, CMI Energy continues with its objective of making sustainable investments that have a positive impact, thus highlighting its contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the decarbonization and diversification of the regional energy network with renewable energy in the countries where it operates.

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This award is the result of CMI Capital's strong commitment to sustainability, including environmental, social and economic considerations, to promote well-being and security in the countries where it operates.